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A global decentralized network to plan your travel itinerary. The future of investment is here with a platform to start and earn rewards from your masternode.

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Condominium Coin

We introduce a new currency that is based on Proof of Stake protocol and we reward generousely the master-nodes who are the guarantors of our network. Our currency will enable the users to book Traveling Packages around the globe with a maximum guarantee for their privacy. We are committed to the principles that form the backbone of the cryptocurrency technology, which in our view offers a good alternative to the current financial and monetary system, which is dominated by too big to fail giants. In the future, we want to make our currency, your Vacation Currency that will accompany you to your next vacation destination everywhere around the globe.

How it Works

Hold CDM coin, use it for Stake and Masternode that will Mine CDM Coin for you without consuming electricity Power


Proof of Stake

Just Hold CDM coin in your wallet, you will get rewarded depending on network difficulty



Build a masternode to be a part of our network family and be rewarded with a 90% block payout reward


Send Receive Currency

Sell your CDM coin at an exchange or to be a part of our Wholesaler Team

Condominium Info & Reward

Coin Maturity : 50
Address Letter : C
Masternode Collateral : Step up
Premine : 300000 CDM
Port : 33588
RPCPort : 33589
POW END : 600 Block
POW Spacing : 600
POS Spacing : 60S
30.5K POS 2 90% 30000
35K POS 2000 90% 30000
50K POS 3000 90% 40000
75K POS 4000 90% 50000
150K POS 5000 90% 100000
300K POS 6000 90% 250000
500K POS 500 90% 300000
1M POS 250 90% 400000
2M POS 100 90% 500000
5M POS 50 90% 750000
10M POS 1 90% 1000000

Secured Payment

Easy Setup

Fully Secure

Internal Integration

External Integration

Payment Gateway


Why Choose Condominium
Decentralized Coin?

High ROI++ : Giving You The Highest Reward

ROI > Price Reduction : Increasing Collateral LOCK

CDM Travel : Hold your CDM coins and purchase an affordable travel package

CDM Wholesaler : Hold your CDM coin and become a part of our Travel Marketing Team

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Why CDM Presentation

Premine Allocation

Total Premine will be distributed according to this plan

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    CDM Fund Allocation

  • 30% Coin Sale
  • 20% Marketing
  • 20% Travel Project
  • 20% Stanby/Burn
  • 10% Bounty

Uses of Fund

90000 CDM ~ 20BTC - 30BTC

  • IT Development ~ 2 BTC ~ 7 %
  • Sales and Marketing ~ 1 BTC ~ 4 %
  • Exchange ~ 16 BTC ~ 61%
  • Listing ~ 3 BTC ~ 12%
  • News and Buzzer ~ 3 BTC ~ 12 %
  • Unexpected Cost ~ 1 BTC ~ 4%

CDM Roadmap

We are proud to announce our roadmap. Participate, follow, and grow with us.

SEPT 2018

Web Wallet
Portable Wallet

Q4 2018

Reshuffle Project Team
Preparation Travel site
Add Exchange


Buzzer Team
White Paper White Paper#2
Add Exchange

Q1 2019

Full 2019 Roadmap
Travel Site launch

Whitepaper #1 #2

Citizens around the globe have had enough of the current financial system that is dominated by reckless too big to fail entities that have repeatedly wiped out our wealth and brought our economic system to the brink of total collapse. On the other hand, an internet that promised to strengthen democracy and shift the power from the big men to the people has alas become a hostage for big internet companies that reap profits by gaining the monopoly over the access to our data. Those big tech companies are indeed a real threat to our privacy. Your data is considered a commodity in the eyes of tech giants who reap piles of money from it. Think about where you visited today or yesterday, what you have liked on the Facebook page of your friend, to which restaurant you have been in the last week and where you are heading for the next holiday. All that information is being collected and accessed by the big companies. Indeed we are living in Orwellian era where no one can hide from the big brother. That is an inconvenient truth.

Condominium Team

Condominium Team is currently expanding and more information will follow soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

2. How to Start Staking CDM coin?

Buy Some CDM coin and hold in your wallet, after a few hour your staking sign will be start

3. How To Build a Masternode?

Here is our masternode guide

4. How long i will receive My first Masternode Reward?

Depend of How many masternode live at network. 48 until 72 Hours

Feel free to join our community.