Flight Bookings

Condominium Travel Platform will allow all our network participants to books both domestic and international flights all powered by CDM. We will ensure the best pricing model for our participants as we will partner with both small and larger sized travel agencies to ensure the best prices for our network participants.

Hotel Bookings

Condominium Travel Platform will all participants to secure their comfort with the best priced hotel accommodations.
We also aim to integrate AirBNB partners to ensure further comfort and accommodation security at the best prices.

Travel Packages

Ever heard of Travelling 7 Countries in 25 Days? Well Condominium Travel Platform aims to allow network participants to book Travel Packages which will included flights , accommodation, transport and meals abroad. Specially designed for families and larger group bookings.

Loving Memories

This feature is specially designed for couples and their worldwide getaways to the likes of honeymoon packages, couples anniversary getaway packages.

Hi, The Condominium team is excited to announce our new masternode hosting platform.
Host your node on MNHost platform for just $2.99 per month payable in CDM Coin.
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