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CDM is the trading handle for Condominium. You can search “CDM” on all platforms, websites CDM is listed on.

CDM will allow you to book your travels worldwide.
– Bob has 5 Masternodes of CDM.
– Bob has 50 000 CDM rewards.
– Bob can now use 50 000 CDM to Book Flights, Hotels and many more

Buy Some CDM coin and hold in your wallet, after a few hour your staking sign will be Start.

This depends on Active Number of Masternodes but you can check here on Masternodes.Online

1) Bob has 5 Masternodes of CDM.
2) Bob has 50 000 CDM rewards.
3) Bob can now use 50 000 CDM to Book Flights, Hotels and many more.

CDM will be partnered with both smaller and larger sized licensed travel agencies worldwide. We will announce that once we have completed partnership agreements.

YES. We also want to take you to SPACE one Day!

Travel bookings will be confirmed in 24H by CDM Support staff but confirmation will be instant.

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Hi, The Condominium team is excited to announce our new masternode hosting platform.
Host your node on MNHost platform for just $2.99 per month payable in CDM Coin.
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