Frequently asked questions

What is CDM?

CDM is the trading handle for CDMCOIN. You can search “CDM” on all platforms, websites CDM is listed on.

What is the Usecase of CDM?

CDM will allow you to get online web services worldwide.
– Bob has 5 Masternodes of CDM.
– Bob has 50 000 CDM rewards.
– Bob can now use 50 000 CDM to Pay for Online Services and many more

Where can i see the prices of CDM?

Where can i Buy/Sell CDM ?

Click here to check CDM Exchanges List

How do i build a Masternode?

How can i start Staking?

Buy Some CDMCOIN and hold in your wallet, after a few hour your staking sign will be Start.

What is the Reward Frequency of Masternode?

This depends on Active Number of Masternodes but you can check here on MNO or MNP

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